November has Arrived!

With 2020 nearly behind us, 2021 promises to be a year of resets and rebirth. We recently came across an article wherein it was stated that hundreds of thousands of couples are required to pay back loans for 2020 weddings that never happened .

Last week, the online lending platform “Lorary” reported that 225,000 couples who have postponed their weddings are collectively paying back $3.7 billion in loans they took out to finance those celebrations. That is an average of $16,500 per couple, Just think, that number is simply one lending entity. What about other lending agencies? One can only imagine the real number. Perhaps you are amongst them.

We have great news for you relative to our business no matter your situation. Whether your amongst that group or looking to budget fresh for your wedding, we approach our concept of working with you much differently. You will NEVER be locked into a package up front with ValDan Films. Even if you choose the base package, we shoot from bridal prep until you leave for the evening…PERIOD. No hourly rate, no complex commitments. If you choose to upgrade your package after the wedding we can accommodate you. You will have have no regrets because we have recorded everything anyway. for you In fact, we find that 90% of our clients upgrade to a more complete package after the wedding. Why? 1. They knowing we have all their footage, every precious moment. 2. Cash gifts from family and friends make it more affordable to now upgrade packages. Contact us today so we can discuss in more detail on how we can help make your dream wedding a reality!

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