Welcome to 2021!

Is it time for a new start or for a continuation of where you have been? Sometimes the line is a bit blurry but time marches on just the same. We have an exciting project in the editing stage now for a local author. Marvin Szukalowski just published his new book, “Fishy Feelings.” A great concept to help kids get in touch and understand their feelings and emotions. A very interactive book with sensational art from Matthew Frograve. We filmed the promo with a group of energized kids in Escanaba Michigan. We invite you to find out more at: www.fishyfeelings.com.

Dan has also been accepted into grad school at Regent University in Virginia. He began virtual classes this week. It’s been a long journey but we felt the time was right to take this step. He will be working on his FMA in Film and Television – Script and Screenwriting. We pray you and yours are blessed with safety and success in 2021. Let us know how we can support any film project you may have in mind! Warmly, Val