Welcome to Spring 2021 Wedding Event Booking Season and More…

Along with wishing everyone a great transition into spring and summer, I wanted to be sure and share what I have been working on since our last commercial production.  Yes, we have weddings on the books with only a few weekends available, yet for 2021, brides are back to getting on track. With that said, first and foremost, we are a professional, commercial production company. We love doing weddings and crafting exceptional experiences and content for our discriminating clients.   I have been in the process of writing three television pilot series over the last few months.  We do not produce wedding videos. We create cinematic experiences for our couples.  There is a big difference.  No matter who you choose to capture your day, choose the best you can afford, period.  There are no reshoots! Hopefully, you’ve done your research and have chosen dependable vendors who have excellent reviews, but sometimes even those with fantastic feedback can be unprofessional or dishonest. 

Because of this, we cannot stress enough how critical it is to read through your vendor contracts carefully. Make sure these contacts have all your concerns covered. A sample of some of the basics that should be covered:

  • How much do overtime fees cost?
  • What is the deadline for deliverables?
  • What happens if the vendor cannot come on the wedding day?
  • What happens to my raw footage?
  • How will film footage will be delivered?

These are just a few items that should be in the contract. Val and I can help take the guesswork out of all of this and more! Reach out to us anytime for a complimentary consultation. Be Blessed- Dan